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Brain Bending Science + Color Chemistry Sets

Happy Monday, friends!

So, I’m a little behind on, well, everything lately, so I’m just now hitting publish on this blog post from last Friday. It was our typical “Quinn and Mumma” day, which included a gym+swim morning as well as lots and lots of experiments throughout the day. I’ve been sharing Quinn’s love for science (I always want to write it: SCIENCE!) on Instagram Stories and have received a ton of questions about them, so I wanted to share the details in a blog post.

Prior to Christmas, we had been doing little science experiments using common household ingredients – pretty much ones that Mal and I remembered from our childhoods + a couple of new ones we had heard about on the internet, like foam slime, and Quinn really loved them. FYI: The foam slime is still a favorite in our house. It’s super easy to make and (bonus) doesn’t make a huge mess!

When family members asked what Quinn wanted for Christmas, we told them that he was really into science experiments, so he ended up receiving two sets as gifts: Crayola Color Chemistry and Brain Bending Science. Both kits are great for different reasons. The Crayola Color Chemistry set has a lot more experiments, but you typically need a few household items to complete them. The Brain Bending Science has fewer experiments, but comes with pretty much everything you need to do them. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either one!

After a morning of experiments (and playing with Cozmo), we headed to CrossFit for a workout. The combo of bike + rope climbs was exhausting! I’m definitely out of CrossFit shape right now, but I’m recommitting to fitness this week. January was INSANE with work, travel, etc., so I really haven’t worked out much in the past month or so, but I’m getting it together starting TODAY. I actually went to the 5:30 AM class at Iron Way this morning!

After class, we popped into Whole Foods for a few groceries as well as some gluten-free donut holes! 🙂

Quinn opted for a poppyseed bagel as big as his head! 🙂

Then, it was off to Goldfish for swim lessons. Quinn continues to make progress every single week, and it’s incredible to see the changes. And, of course, I love that he loves swimming so much! (Tiny Eagle got a little wet and needed a quick blow dry!)

Back at home, we ate lunch and did some more science experiments. I also organized our spice cabinet to make way for some new ones from Flavor God!

Ranch broccoli in the air fryer? OH YES!!!

The rest of the afternoon was pretty low-key. It involved a mix of experiments and laundry! 🙂  The evening concluded with wine (for the adults) and MANY rounds of Go Fish, which is another favorite activity right now. This alphabet/baby animal set is fun, and it has really helped Quinn learn all of his letters!

Question of the Day

What activity is your kiddo loving lately? 

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13 Functional Exercises You Can Do At Work

Thank You Bonuses for Pre-Ordering Feeding You Lies!

It’s getting so real now. My latest book hits shelves in a few short weeks. And, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous but it’s too late to turn back now… and my gut tells me that you’ve got my back, which makes me so grateful.

Your support for my new book has been phenomenal. To see excitement building for Feeding You Lies makes me feel so happy. While we are all anxiously awaiting its release, I want to give you something NOW as a big THANK YOU!

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How to Track Your Macros Without Going Crazy

How to track your macros is quite the trend these days. Obviously, I believe in counting macros as a health and weight loss tool. I mean, I’m all about carrots and cake! 🙂

Macros, as a framework, is so great for many reasons. Personally, it keeps me “honest” about my nut butter (and wine) obsessions, but I know the pros and cons of the process, especially working with nutrition clients over the years. It’s exciting to “hit your macros” and see progress, but sometimes tracking becomes a bit addictive if you want to be “perfect” all the time.

I’m here to tell you that accepting the fact that you’re perfectly imperfect is a much healthier lifestyle. If anything, counting macros gives you the freedom to enjoy any food that you want as long as you balance the rest of your choices. And, if you don’t balance those choices to a tee, it’s not the end of the world. Macros keep you in line, but they are not the be all, end all of your diet. Healthy eating is not black and white, and tracking macros can really help you thrive in the daily gray area!

For me, macros have an important place in my life, but they are not my WHOLE life. I use them as a guide for mindful choices in my diet, especially with regards to building well-balanced, satisfying meals and snacks. It’s also helpful to see when I’m eating too much junk! 😉 It’s all about balance – with food and mindset – so I wanted to share some of my tips to tracking your macros without being obsessed with the numbers and making yourself crazy!

Latest Videos

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Accept that you don’t have to be perfect. Here’s a quick rule of thumb for macro goals: Try to be within 5-10g for each macronutrient (protein, carbs, and fat). Adjust your expectations for being “perfect” and give yourself some wiggle room with your numbers. At the end of the day, even if your 10g over or under, you’re still doing okay! Just be sure to keep an eye on your overall calories and keep them as consistent as possible.

Pre-plan your days the night before – even prep and pack up your food. That way, you don’t have to think about tracking the next day. Tip: Use the Copy to Date/Copy from Date on MyFitnessPal to quickly add meals/snacks that you like – one less thing to track!

Repeat days throughout the week. If you calculated a day that came close to hitting all of your macros, just repeat it! Of course, you can make small tweaks here and there, but the majority of the planning is done for you.

Don’t look at counting as restrictive. If anything, see it as a tool for enjoying your splurges more! Because you’re not going overboard, you are living a healthy life to feel good about. You don’t have to avoid foods because they won’t fit your macros or because you think they’re too caloric or “bad.” Plan them in and enjoy!

You don’t have to track macros everyday. Take days off all together from tracking! I typically track Monday – Friday morning and then take the rest of Friday and Saturday off. I’m mindful of my choices, but I’m not tied to my macros all weekend. You could even take off specific days during the week, like Tuesday and Thursday, just to give yourself a break from thinking about numbers all the time. For me, taking a break from macros always motivates me to get right back on track! 

On days you don’t track, focus on patterns and habits that you see. Do you eat enough veggies? Snack between meals? Are you giving your body consistency in the amount of food it gets every day? Pay attention and see how these habits fit into your health goals.

Guesstimate! Again, you don’t have to be perfect all the time with your macros to see results and life a healthy, happy life. Guesstimating is your friend, especially at events, traveling, or whenever you haven’t planned ahead. A piece of wedding cake? Margaritas with friends? Just guess the best you can and move on. You gotta live your life! Tip: Either search the MyFitnessPal database for an option that seems close or try the “Quick Add” option (go to “add a food,” scroll to bottom, add approximate macros – close enough)!

Every day is a new day. Even if you come no where close to your macro goals, start fresh the next day – or even at the very next meal. Make it healthy! A healthy life is all about getting back on track and continuing to work toward your goals.

Question of the Day

I’d love to hear your tips or tricks for keeping your sanity while trying to track your nutrition habits?

If you’re curious about macros and want to learn more, check out our macro plan options:!

P.S. Sign up for your FREE “Macro Tracking Without The Hassle” guide that offers tips and tricks to make tracking macros quick, easy, and stress-free. The guide also includes 3 tasty, macro-friendly recipes! Your guide will be sent via email provided below. I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to keeping in touch!

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Little Date, Big Date.

Weekend outings with bae ^^ I love how they are touching each other. It’s like he’s checking to see if she’s still there!

Hope you guys had a great weekend. Fridays have turned into ladies lunch out, and after going to mommy + me yoga at Bend, I met a few friends at Tilman’s for big salads and rose (naturally).

We split two honey lavender macarons four ways for dessert. These were jumbo and SO GOOD!

On Friday evening I was a lucky girl to go out again, this time with the fam. Silly Mazen.

We went to Burger Bach and had great customer service. Despite our 25 minute wait, the staff took care of us while we waited and brought out complimentary chips and guac to all the waiting patrons. It was much appreciated!

Mazey was in a good mood and we played this monster game while we waited for our burgers. We shared fries as well!

I had a burger with avocado, bacon, and cheese and brought half of it home. Love that their burgers come with side salads.

On Saturday AM, I went to my usual athletic conditioning/plyo/Afterburn Speed/dance class at 8am. I had my usual coffee, banana + PB before I left and a smoothie afterwards for second breakfast.

After a shower I was ready for Saturday fun.

I had my leftover burger half and an apple for lunch.

Sylvia Grace came over to play with Mazen for a bit which is always a nice break for me on the entertainment front. When Sarah picked Sylvia back up, she offered for Mazen to spend the night with them, a win-win for us all. They had an indoor camp out with sleeping bags and s’mores!

As a result, our afternoon was much quieter than anticipated 🙂

My brother in law, Clay, stopped by to show us his latest cutting board designs.

Are these not gorgeous?!!? I love the arranged the wood grain in this one:

Clay is a talented woodworker, and all of his boards are for sale for $75, shipping included. He can ship anywhere in the USA, and I would love you all to support him and buy one! The darker boards are made with Black Walnut and the lighter boards are Maple. They are hand made with love and look beautiful propped on the counters in a styled kitchen. We condition ours with this wax a few times a year, and it stays beautiful. If you’re interested, email

Thomas brought a million vegetables home from the grocery store at my request and we roasted them all to pair with dinners this week. Brussels and carrots on one and a medley of peppers, squash, zucchini, and broc on the other. They were all coated lightly in oil, S+P, and smoked paprika.

I also prepped a massaged kale salad with feta and roasted some sweet potatoes!

We had the veggies for dinner along with leftover orzo and some Butcher Box salmon topped with Countertop Foods Golden Butter (turmeric) and an applewood smoked rub.

We watched some shows while we nursed, played, and snuggled with little B.

Sunday mornings always have a special breakfast in store! A little Thomas omelet with veggies and cheese and toast with jam. Plus 2x coffee!

I spent the day sorting through the 3-12 month clothes of Mazen’s that I kept. I wonder which team Birchie will root for!

Here is the donate pile, which is going to my friend Hillary who is due with a boy in a few weeks. These are either already too small for B (so sad to be out of newborn and 0-3!) or just not my favorites of Mazen’s. I’m trying to keep Birch’s drawers thinned out!

Mazey came home for a bit before going to Matt’s for the night. Just long enough for some brotherly snuggles!

I did a super hard outdoor run with Aaptiv. Ackeem killed me with his sprints and tempo intervals! I covered about 4 miles and my legs were so tired all afternoon.

I had the last of our quiche, pita chips, and kale salad for lunch.

T and I went to Green Bean Baby Boutique to buy a gift for Hillary and also ended up purchasing this travel bag for the Cruz in anticipation of our spring break trip. I realized we’ll be gate checking the stroller and would be heartbroken if any airplane grease got on the beautiful canopy.

We ended the weekend on a high note with this epic cheese plate. (That’s another one of Clay’s boards!)

T smoked a pork butt on the Big Green Egg and we had that for a late dinner with veggies and mac and cheese.

the end.

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