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I Realized I Could Take Control Of My Health

It’s Monday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Monday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

Yup, success stories are back! And I’m looking for more. Follow-ups, mid-progress reflections—every story at every stage has the potential to inspire folks out there who are getting started or contemplating a new beginning. Contact me here to share your story—long or not so long. You never know who you’ll impact by doing it. Enjoy, everyone!

I honestly didn’t see this coming…. I’ve been blessed with good genetic health and energy my whole life, avoiding significant health challenges. Sure, I’ve suffered from an occasional pulled muscle or turned ankle, and over the course of a couple of years I nursed a right shoulder rotator cuff back to full capacity.

When I turned 46 years old, I started noticing discomfort in my right IT band. I had gotten back into some longer distance cardio training, and I assumed it would work itself out. It never became uncomfortable, just persistent at mile 4 or 5 of a trail run. Like many, I ignorantly blamed my age for slow declines in my health. On New Year’s Eve 2016, I joined up with two of my cousins to for a somewhat steep 6-mile hike up Frary Peak on Antelope Island, Utah.

Our conversation turned to age, energy and body weight. My cousins, Kevan and Brent, were both hovering below 170 pounds whereas I had somehow climbed from 171 pounds up to 184 pounds over the course of a few years. Given that we were all roughly the same age with similar familial traits and genetic factors, I took particular interest in our diverging body compositions. A couple of months later I had a routine physical with my family physician who attributed my mid-section weight gain to “natural aging factors.” I pretty much accepted this diagnosis.

That said, when your doctor says, “That’s just because you’re getting old” don’t believe it.

My 180-degree lifestyle change began a month later in April 2017, when I decided to support my wife in her Whole30® nutrition program as suggested by her sister and a couple of others.

Those who know anything about the program will sympathize with my discomfort in abandoning my go-to foods such as dairy, grains, legumes and sugars. But over the course of 9 or 10 days I noticed unexpected improvements in my energy level throughout the day and lack of bloating and burping after meals.

Suddenly I realized I could take control of my health, and that the natural aging process was merely incidental to my current and future state of well-being. Then, I stumbled upon a Bulletproof Radio episode where Dave Asprey interviewed Mark Sisson of The Primal Blueprint. From there I was introduced to the Primal Endurance book, along with a logical and intuitive set of immutable primal lifestyle laws.

From the book’s training recommendations, I went into a recovery phase before starting back up with a smarter Primal Cardio schedule. During this time, I had been eating mostly Whole30, and I began adopting more regular movement into my daily lifestyle along with myofascial release. Within a month I no longer noticed any symptoms of IT band discomfort or hip tension, and I remain free of these symptoms and any related discomfort to this day.

But even more importantly, my whole philosophy around aggressive cardio had changed, giving me a powerful perspective on balancing my cardio goals with long-term longevity. This enlightenment into my own health potential got me thinking about my immediate family members, each of whom has their own unique health challenges.

My wife and my mom have both battled varying degrees of depression and anxiety. My children have confronted daily challenges with social anxiety, asthma, poor core muscle tone, coordination, dyslexia, brain fog, allergies, gastrointestinal disorders, insomnia and more. I’ve always been in general good health and I’m grateful for that. But as I pursued adapted new ancestral health and lifestyle habits as laid out by the Primal Blueprint and other sources, I discovered strength and wellness that I didn’t even know I was missing.

My improved energy and increased knowledge are helping me to help my wife, my children, my parents, relatives, and many others.

As a trail runner, family man, and now a Certified Primal Health Coach, I specialize in helping endurance enthusiasts discover habit-forming course corrections for reduced injury and illness through diet, lifestyle and healthy training practices.

I also work with adults who want to boost their overall energy, parents looking to transform their family’s health and companies interested in offering health-promoting programs within their business culture.

I founded Primal Utah to connect people and professionals through ancestral health community programs, events and coaching services.

A good coach helps you find your best path, discover the goals that are best for you and then, helps you stick to those goals. I love every opportunity to empower lasting course corrections in individuals, each with his or her own unique health story.

Ancestral health empowers people to live well in all aspects of their lives through sound nutrition, sleep, movement and stress reduction. I believe that healthy decisions aren’t made just once, but rather require constant evaluation and adjustment. I help people to tune into the signals that their bodies tell them, so that they can thrive from perpetual improvements.

Jason Steed (Primal Utah)

Jason’s listing in the Primal Health Coach Institute Directory

Connect with Jason on Facebook, Instagram and his website,

Have a story to share? Email me here. Thanks, everybody, and have a great week.


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Dining Out With A Baby

^^Sweet brother love.

How was your weekend? I really do love hearing about how you guys spend your time, from cleaning out closets to traveling to far away places!

Weekend Dinners

We usually have one weekend night where we get cozy, cook a nice dinner, and watch Netflix once the kids are asleep and one weekend night where we go out on the town and don’t think about doing any dishes. Sometimes we crave cozy on Fridays and sometimes it’s the reverse. This week we went out on Friday and had dinner in yoga pants on Saturday.

Friday Date Night With Birch

Friday night Mazen had a sleepover with one of his BFFs so it was just the three of us out to dinner. We went to Petit Pois on the downtown mall.

Dining out with a baby is so great this time of year since we can sit outside. Come winter, our choices will be much more limited. I don’t take a baby into quiet restaurants. Birch does well at outdoor spots, and we feed him little nibbles of whatever we’re eating and bring out some toys to help entertain him. Knock on wood, so far he hasn’t been too loud or upset in a restaurant. (I know that will likely change as soon as he can get down and walk!)

I had a really delicious Chardonnay –

And this cod with crispy spinach, potatoes and a garlic-butter sauce was divine. I ate it all!

Stole a few of Thomas’s frites as well – so thin and crispy!

We had ice cream from Splendora’s and walked our way home. Once Birch was in bed, we put on Stranger Things and fell asleep before the episode was over!

Saturday Sips

I set my alarm to get to ACAC class by 8:00 on time. ‘Twas a good one! I had lots of energy. Back at home I made a couple of smoothies with berries, oats, milk, vanilla protein, and banana.

Soccer Star

Mid day we took Mazen to his soccer game. He did so well! Scored a nice goal. The weather looks nice, but it was SO HOT. We are melting away in this second summer.

Birch did really well during the game. I always have anxiety about bringing him out that he will flip out and cry, but he is such a laid back boy.

Plus he had his cousin to help entertain him! We brought Nash along to help cheer on Mazen!

Late Lunch

Home again, I had a late lunch of a turkey and cheese sandwich.

Snowstorm Date

M and I took an impromptu trip up to Kohr Bros to share an Oreo snowstorm! I take 1/4 off the top in a separate cup and he gets the rest.

Second Shower

I took a second shower (after all that soccer sweating) and put on my yoga pants for our Saturday night in.

On The Menu: Linguini with Clams!

First course: salad. I decided I don’t really like dinners that have two plates. My brain doesn’t like switching. So we pretended we were at a restaurant and had our salad course first. Worked out nicely!

I had a can of clams come in the mail (seriously, PR companies send me the strangest things!) and so we put it to good use in a yummy pasta dish. Garlic, butter, anchovies, white wine, clam juice, parsley.

We watched more Stranger Things at bedtime. I have to say I’m not loving it this season. I can’t put my finger on why – it just feels a little too cheesy or something.

Sunday Snuggles

Followed by…. Sunday Biscuits!

Thomas popped over to JM Stock and brought home the most delicious ham biscuits. They had spicy Tasso ham inside – and he added egg on top. These are the best biscuits EVER!

We spent our Sunday like so followed by a visit to the soccer field!

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High Low High [Life Lately]

Hi, guys! Happy Monday! 🙂

So, we’ve had quite the rollercoaster ride in the Haupert household lately, especially with regard to our health. I’ll give you all of the highs and lows in a second, but, first, I wanted to share some fun stuff from our weekend!

HIGH: Running with Quinn! Quinn and I took Murphy for a walk on Sunday morning. I was wearing pajama pants, a fleece pullover, and flip-flops. Quinn was decked out head-to-toe in running gear. He said he’d run while I walked Murphy, and things went as planned for about 5 minutes. Running alone was fun, but running with Mumma would be A LOT of fun! So, Quinn started to ask me again and again to run with him. I couldn’t run with Murphy (details below), and I wasn’t really dressed for a proper run, which Quinn, of course, noticed. He basically told me to get into workout gear and put on my sneakers, and he’d “come with me.” Long story short, we dropped Murphy off at home. I changed into my running attire, and Quinn and I ran about a mile together around the neighborhood. If you notice from the photo below, he’s wearing sweatbands (headband + wristbands), and used them to wipe his brow every few minutes. Haha!

On the run, we talked about triathlons since his favorite activities right now are swimming, biking, and running, and his interest was definitely piqued. I wonder if the little dude is a future triathlete?

HIGH: Eating Pixie Dust chicken wings and watching the Patriots game. Ok, who am I kidding… I didn’t care at all about the game, but the wings were amazing! A friend told me about them at a get-together on Saturday night, so we took a special trip to Whole Foods to grab a bag. (FYI: They’re in the prepared meat section.) And, my goodness, they’re incredible!! So tasty and so easy to make! I’ve heard Whole Foods also makes Pixie Dust chicken breast and a Pixie Dust seasoning, which I’m ALL OVER! Definitely keep a look out for them the next time you’re at Whole Foods! SO. GOOD.

Speaking of Whole Foods…

HIGH: I finally got to use my mesh produce bags! I’ve been shopping at Trader Joe’s lately, but buying very little produce since discovering that not all plastic can be recycled. I know… maybe I live under a rock, but I thought it could until recently. Know better, no better, right? Anyway, I bought new mesh produce bags and stocked up on fresh produce at Whole Foods yesterday.

Ok, now onto some of the lows with life lately. Whomp whomp. Of course, I’ll throw in some highs as well because we don’t need all of that negativity on a Monday morning.

LOW: Mr. Murphy has been dealing with some neck and back issues. A couple of weeks ago, he started to act really weird and then yelped in pain when we went to pick him up. We took him to the vet, the doc evaluated him, and then prescribed him pain meds. Murphy is slow, but surely getting better, and *hopefully* it’s not something he has to deal with long-term. The vet thinks he likely hurt his neck and/or might be dealing with a disk issue in his back. It’s hard to know for sure without an MRI, but we’re hoping lots of R&R and not jumping off our bed and couch will help him heal. Right now, he’s quarantined during the day (basically, just blocked off from he living room) and, at night, he’s allowed to sleep in bed with us, but we carry him up and down the stairs, so he won’t jump on or off our bed.

LOW: I’m still dealing with a flare and my mucus-y cough is back. Ugh, it’s been a “fun” few weeks, especially trying to get the information and meds that I need. The video below explains some of my “wtf moments” I’ve had lately.

HIGH: The LDN arrived on Saturday! Thanks to an Instagram follower, I found a local compounding pharmacy, who would fill the prescription for a fraction of the price. Woohoo! I started taking it immediately and haven’t seen any changes yet, but it can take up to 3 weeks to see if it has any affect. I’ve actually heard it can take months, so we’ll see. FYI: I’m giving LDN a try to see if it helps get me out of this flare as it can help regulate the immune system. The research is actually very promising, so I hope it works for me!

And I’ll leave you with one more high…

HIGH: I discovered this Fly-By Hoodie from Brooks, and I’m in love!

I mean, is this hoodie not the cutest ever!? I need!!

That’s all for now. I hope you guys have a wonderful Monday!! 🙂

P.S. It’s back!! My original free product promo was such a big hit, I was completely sold out within 24 hours. A bunch of you guys inquired about the promo after the fact, so I decided to bring it back with all new products! Get 2 FREE Full-Size Beautycounter Products With Purchase [Limited Time]!

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