Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Whole Foods Market Westford Store Opening + Giveaway

Hi, friends!

Recently, I had the pleasure of touring the new Whole Foods Market in Westford, Massachusetts. (I grew up in the town next door, so I am especially excited to have a Whole Foods Market so close when we visit family!


As a way to help promote the grand opening, Whole Foods Market invited a small group of bloggers to view the store prior to opening. Pictured below: Sarah, me, Lexi, and Sarah.


Upon entering the store, I saw the wide-open, brightly-colored produce department. As you can see in the photo below, not all of the shelves were stocked yet, but only because the store wanted everything to be as fresh as possible for the opening.

SAM_9269 (1280x853)

To celebrate the grand opening, the store has a bunch of specials and sales for the next few weeks, so if you’re local, be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

SAM_9271 (1280x853)

To the left of the produce department is the Fresh Juice & Smoothie Bar with all sorts of nutritious and delicious offerings, many of which include local ingredients.


A number of the freshly pressed juices are on tap. How cool is that?


The meat department, like all of the departments, is open concept, so you can see exactly how the employees are preparing and handling the food. As you’ll see below, the meat cases were completely empty to ensure the highest quality freshness for the grand opening. And, once again, there is a strong emphasis on selling local products.


Plus, there was signage all over the store highlighting local options.


Fun fact: The chalkboard signs that you see at Whole Foods Markets are handwritten, so each store has an artist on staff to make them. Artists must take and pass a handwriting training before they can create signage. Isn’t that cool? What a neat job!

SAM_9277 (1280x853)

The bulk section has all of the usual items you see at other Whole Foods Market stores (i.e. flours, grains, nuts, trail mixes, etc.), but the Westford location also offers its customers bulk tea, so you can sample as much or as little as you want.


I love this idea!


Up next was the cheese department, which I was especially excited about. You guys know my love for cheese!


Cheese, glorious cheese!

SAM_9301 (1280x853)

There’s nothing more beautiful than a mountain of Parmigiano Reggiano, right?



Parm Crisps = love


This is really cool: The Westford location offers a mini Clover restaurant inside! I actually haven’t tried Clover for myself yet, but the menu looks incredible, and I’ve only heard great things about it. I can’t wait to try it the next time I visit!


Next to Clover was the beautiful, bright, and open bakery where many of the breads, cakes, and pastries for the store are handmade from scratch. Even the colorful frosting, edible decorations, and such are made with special plant-based dyes, nothing artificial at all.


What was really neat about the bakery is the viewing window attached to the Children’s Area, so customers and kids can watch the bakers at work. (Quinn would definitely love to see this!)

SAM_9310 (1280x853)

You can even slice your freshly baked bread right there! (Again, Quinn would really dig this!)


The final stop of the tour was at the coffee and tea bar. It offers your usual espresso drinks, cold brew on tap as well as a special Matcha Tea Flight unique to the store. I also learned that Whole Foods offers a number of dairy-free milk options at no extra charge. (Somehow I didn’t know this!?)


And, finally, I just wanted to point out that I saw tons of instances, throughout the store and in every department, where there were opportunities for saving money– from 365 Everyday Value pantry staples to locally-made products and more. There really was something for everyone at a number of price points, which was nice to see.

SAM_9289 (1280x853)

The Westford Whole Foods Market is absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t wait to shop there the next time I’m in the area. If you’re local, be sure to stop by to check it out. You’re guaranteed to love it!

SAM_9263 (1280x853)

Giveaway time! Here’s your chance to win a $50 gift card to Whole Foods Market!

To enter: Just leave a comment about your favorite department at Whole Foods Market. I’ll randomly pick a winner on Monday. Good luck!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Whole Foods Market. The opinions and text are all mine.

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GFBF Book CoverI talk a lot about fat on this blog—body fat, healthy fat, harmful fat—so when I came across Romy Dollé’s book Good Fat, Bad Fat, I was more than intrigued. The only problem was, it was written in German. So my team and I at Primal Blueprint Publishing collaborated with Romy and scientific consultant Torsten Albers, MD, to give you the English version of Good Fat, Bad Fat…and today’s release day!

In a nutshell, Good Fat, Bad Fat educates readers on all aspects of dietary fat, and dispels all the “fat phobia” misinformation promoted by the mainstream.

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It’s actually Romy’s second book with us. We published Fruit Belly last year, which is a four-day step-by-step plan to eliminate the digestive distress and health problems resulting from weight loss diets featuring large amounts of fruit, salad, and low-fat dairy products. If you battle fruit belly, it’s a must-read.

As for Good Fat, Bad Fat, I’m commemorating the launch with two deals:

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But before you go, check out this recipe from Good Fat, Bad Fat. A little teaser if you will!



Servings: 3 – 4


  • 1.8 lb (800 g) sweet potatoes, peeled and coarsely grated
  • 4 eggs
  • 4 egg whites
  • 2 tbsp (30 m) coconut flour
  • 1 tsp (5 ml) salt
  • Pinch of pepper
  • 1 onion, peeled and chopped (optional)
  • 3.5 oz (100 g) fried bacon, cut into cubes or strips (optional)
  • 5 tbsp (74 ml) clarified butter


  • Place the grated sweet potatoes with egg whites, coconut flour, and salt into a bowl; mix well
  • In a large nonstick skillet, heat 2 tbsp (30 ml) clarified butter on medium-high
  • If you want to add onion and/or fried bacon, fry them in the clarified butter until soft
  • Spread the potatoes evenly over the onions and press down slightly
  • Reduce the heat to medium, cover the pan, and cook for about 10 minutes
  • Place a large, shallow dish on the potatoes and turn the pan over; this will put the fried side of the rösti on the plate facing up
  • Pour the remaining clarified butter into the pan, then let the non-fried side of the hash browns slide off the plate into the pan. Fry again for 5 – 10 minutes
  • In a separate pan, fry the whole eggs
  • When finished, place whole eggs and bacon atop hash browns; add pepper and serve

Serving suggestions:

Instead of a big rösti, divide the grated potatoes into three or four servings to share.

That’s it for today! I hope you love the book. And I look forward to hearing everyone’s feedback.

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Juicing Recipes

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How Accurate Is Your Fitness Tracker?

Wearable fitness trackers — including Fitbit and Jawbone devices — are wildly popular ways to keep a tally of all the daily activities you do. They count steps and calories, measure heart rate and, in some cases, monitor things like how much and how well you sleep. But before you live and die by those numbers on your device, you might want to consider something: How accurate is all that information anyway?

According to a new study by researchers at Ball State University’s Human Performance Lab, the answer is they are both very accurate and wildly inaccurate — depending on what they’re measuring. When it comes to counting steps, these trackers do a great job, as long as those steps are taken while walking or running. “But they all tended to underestimate the amount of activity subjects got while doing household chores like sweeping, cleaning and doing laundry,” said Alex Montoye, a clinical exercise physiology professor at Ball State University.

The researchers watched subjects perform various activities and used a tally counter to record every single step observed. They also had subjects hooked up to a metabolic analyzer to measure the amount of oxygen used, which relates directly to how many calories are being burned. This data was compared to the steps and calories recorded by the trackers the subjects wore.

And while the number of steps recorded during walking and running were nearly spot-on, the trackers overestimated the number of calories burned during those activities by anywhere from 15 to 40 percent. That’s enough to negate that cookie you thought you earned during your workout.

None of these flaws are reason enough to stop using a fitness tracker, especially because these tools are powerful motivators for many people and do a great job at keeping you accountable to your activity goals on a daily basis. “The takeaway is to be careful not to take the numbers too literally,” cautions Montoye. “The number on your wrist doesn’t matter as much as the fact that you’re being active every day.”

Sally Wadyka is a Boulder, Colorado-based journalist who writes about nutrition, health and wellness.

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We have had SO MUCH RAIN in May. Very, very good for sod. Very, very bad for active little boys!

Foodblog (1 of 1)-3

We did lots of art projects and made this fun fort together one afternoon. It was two stories and could fit grown-ups too!

Foodblog (1 of 1)-5

Lucky me, I had not one but two empty Wild Friends jars to pour oats into last week! This Chocolate Almond Butter one was filled with overnight oats and raspberries.

Foodblog (4 of 5)-2

And this one was the end of a jar of Classic Creamy Peanut Butter filled with hot oatmeal (cooled down some with Greek yogurt).

Foodblog (2 of 5)-2

Some days it’s nice just to have nut butter toast and banana. No cooking. Just eating. Chia seed sprinkles!

Foodblog (4 of 4)

For lunch I had a big ole kale salad, served in the mixing bowl for efficiency! I believe this had mushrooms, sweet potatoes and some smoked trout mixed in.

Foodblog (1 of 1)

Another day I had leftover Cook Smarts salad, which was even better the next day! I loved the crumbled pita chips on this salad.

Foodblog (5 of 5)-2

Last on the lunch list was a plate of crispy tofu sticks – recipe is coming tomorrow – with pickles! Slacking in the veggie category ; )

Foodblog (1 of 5)-2

But I made up for it at dinner that night with this salad! Avocado Fattoush with chickpeas, cashews, spices, pita chips, feta and creamy tahini dressing. It was soooo good!! Lauren joined me for a girls’ night for dinner and vino!

Foodblog (3 of 5)-3

When you don’t know what to make for dinner, you can always make a frittata.

Foodblog (2 of 5)

This one had a bunch of different veggies and cheeses – both ricotta and pimento – and I had it two nights in a row.

Foodblog (3 of 5)-2

And finally, I had dinner at Sarah’s house.

Foodblog (1 of 3)

She made salads topped with a whole roasted chicken, olives, tomatoes, peppers, hearts of palm and avocado. So good!

Foodblog (3 of 3)-2

Happy Hump Day!

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