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10 Reasons You Need A Sugar Detox Right Now

One of the most insidious ways the food industry poisons us is by dousing all sorts of foods with “added sugar.” By “added sugar,” I’m talking about any sweetener that doesn’t occur naturally in a food. It may seem innocent, … Continued

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Day in the Life {2.7 Years Old}


Umm, hello… where did December go? Holy cow, we were consumed with the holidays this year. So much, in fact, I totally missed Qman’s monthly Day in the Life post. Oops! Well, the little dude is 2 years and 7 months old now and such a boy. He’s still my baby, but now that’s he’s talking a lot more and forming all sorts of interesting ideas (he randomly told me that Murphy likes treats more than hot chocolate the other day), I’m starting to see glimpses of a little person. It’s so much fun. THIS is my favorite age so far. Anyway, here’s a recap from last Friday!

5:35 AM: I hear Quinn on the baby monitor. He’s fussing, but not crying, so I grab my iPhone and scroll through Instagram. He falls right back to sleep, but I’m wide awake.

5:40 AM: I get out of bed, pour myself an iced coffee with coconut creamer and collagen. Then, I sit down at my laptop to get a jumpstart on work before Qman is up for the day.

Photo Jan 06, 5 52 31 AM (1024x1024)

5:59 AM: Work time doesn’t last for long because, before I know it, Quinn is up and at ’em! I carry him downstairs and he immediately gets on his “car” and starts cruising around the house. Gooooooood morning!

Photo Jan 06, 6 05 11 AM (1024x1024)

6:19 AM: Quinn rides his car for awhile and then switches to “Dirty,” so he can dump some blocks. “Dump it!!”

6:34 AM: He eventually gets bored of his ride-on toys and asks to play with my handheld spiralizer. The kid loves making veggie noodles! AND he will taste them from time-to-time. Ninety-nine percent of the time, he decides that they’re “eww, gross” before handing me the chewed up bits, but at least we’re making progress in the veggie/new food department. The willingness to taste a new food is really high up there on the feeding hierarchy chart!

Photo Jan 06, 6 36 24 AM (1024x1024)

And, of course, when we’re finished zoodling, we give Murphy the carrot ends to eat.

Photo Jan 06, 6 51 24 AM (1024x1024)

6:45 AM: While Quinn is happily making carrot noodles, I start to cook us breakfast. Between helping him zoodle and cooking two different breakfasts, it takes me much longer than expected. Usually, breakfast is the quickest meal of the day!

7:15 AM: We’re finally ready to eat 30 minutes later! 🙂 On the menu for me: Scrambled eggs with breakfast potatoes, kale, and ketchup. For Qman: Mini pancakes, (skinless) apple chunks (“eww, skin”), Stonyfield yogurt, and milk.

Photo Jan 06, 7 13 48 AM (1024x1024)

7:45 AM: We finish eating breakfast. Qman plays in his playroom while I clean up.

8:00 AM: I do some Instagram stuff and then get us ready to go to the gym.

8:40 AM: We leave for CrossFit.

8:55 AM: We arrive at CrossFit. I work out. Qman plays with the “tiny kids.”

Photo Jan 06, 10 16 07 AM (576x1024)

10:00 AM: Class ends. We play at the gym for a little while before heading out to run some errands. We need a few groceries, so I asked Quinn if he’d rather go to Target or Whole Foods to get them. His response: “Whole Foods better.” Well, ok, then… to Whole Foods we go!

Photo Jan 06, 10 58 36 AM (1024x1024)

10:51 AM: We arrive at Whole Foods and score a tractor shopping cart. (We actually avoided a mini-meltdown, thanks to some perfect timing by an employee. Quinn and I didn’t see any tractor carts at the front of the store, which almost became an issue, but we lucked out!) I bump into a college friend and her son. We chat for awhile. Then, Qman and I grab a muffin and an iced coffee. He picks the Glorious Morning Muffin (my fav) and eats about half, so I finish off the rest. #momwin #muffinfriday

Photo Jan 06, 11 01 47 AM (1024x996)

11:45 AM: After that, we finish our grocery shopping and then drive home.

12:00 PM: We arrive home. I make us lunch.

12:30 PM: Time to eat! For me: Ground beef mixed with cowboy caviar over carrot noodles and kale. For Qman: Fish sticks with ketchup, carrot noodles (“eww, gross”), and Trader Joe’s cheese crackers, which are the only thing he eats.

Photo Jan 06, 12 33 33 PM (655x1024)

12:45 PM: We finish lunch. Qman watches a show while I clean up the kitchen, and then he goes down for his afternoon nap.

1:00 PM: I test out a recipe for CNC and take some photos. I clean up the kitchen, empty the dishwasher, yada yada.

Photo Jan 06, 2 25 16 PM (662x1024)

1:45 PM: I sit down at my laptop and do some work.

2:41 PM: I start to feel kind of blah, so I decide to relax and watch a documentary that a friend recommended. He told me it profiles Dan Harris, so I had a feeling I would like it.

Photo Jan 06, 2 41 22 PM (659x1024)

4:00 PMMinimalism is such an amazing film. So much of it resonated with me, and it made me want to get rid of the majority of our belongings and move into a tiny house. Ok, maybe not. I love our house. But, seriously, the film has me thinking twice about how we live.

4:11 PM: Qman wakes up from his nap. We cuddle on the couch.

4:16 PM: Cuddle time is over, and Qman is off and running again. Well, technically, riding… he’s back on his bike for 8,000 laps around the house.

4:31 PM: I’m feeling snack-y, so I break out some olives that I bought at Whole Foods.

Photo Jan 06, 4 31 40 PM (720x998)

4:49 PM: Dada arrives home and Quinn immediately greets him with with his play tablet. He says: “Cheese, Dada.” Yup, definitely my kid.

Photo Jan 06, 4 49 49 PM (1024x1024)

5:00 PM: We’re all hungry, so while Mal takes a shower, I throw together a quick dinner.

5:29 PM: Dinnertime! On the menu: Tuna melts for the boys. For me: Tuna salad made with guacamole, relish, and cucumber slices. Mal and I also break open a bottle of wine. Happy Friday to us!

Photo Jan 06, 5 29 14 PM (768x1024)

6:00 PM: After dinner, I quickly clean up and then head into the living room to play with the boys. I totally space on snapping photos, but we played with Legos, puzzles, and then have a dance party in the living room before bed. (No one takes off their shirts.)

7:15 PM: Mal takes Qman upstairs for bed, and I finally remember to snap a photo for this blog post (below). Oops. #bloggerfail

Photo Jan 06, 7 09 39 PM (1024x768)

7:25 PM: I head upstairs to see if Quinn got all of the “sugar bugs” off his teeth. He loves showing us his teeth after he brushes them. Haha!

7:40 PM: Mal reads Quinn a couple of books and then comes back downstairs. We catch up with our DVR shows.

8:30 PM: Mal breaks out the Extra Toasty Cheez-Its, and I eat approximately 1 million of them.

Photo Jan 06, 8 32 20 PM (632x1024)

9:15 PM: We’re both exhausted and head to bed.

9:29 PM: Lights out.

The end.

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Weekend Link Love – Edition 434

weekend_linklove in-lineRESEARCH OF THE WEEK

The ApoE4 gene dramatically increases risk of Alzheimer’s—unless you carry parasites, in which case it protects against cognitive decline.

Skipping breakfast leads to less weight and fat gain than eating breakfast, at least if the breakfast consists of sugary cereal.

Diet soda doesn’t really seem to help people lose weight.

Statins aren’t so good for physical fitness.

Ketones may help against inflammatory skin diseases.

What have we done with all that leisure time technology has afforded us? Watched more TV.

Consciousness may emerge from entropy.


Episode 150: Adam and Vanessa Lambert: Power couple Adam and Vanessa talk about their unique perspective on fitness (and, indeed, life) coaching and unveil the exciting retreats they have planned.

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Interesting Blog Posts

When it comes to controlling the amount of food we eat, quality trumps quantity.

We just keep on lying to diabetics. Why?

Media, Schmedia

Move over, weed. Sugar could be the most popular drug.

Medical studies rarely report adverse effects, even when they occur.

Everything Else

Shopping for a hedge fund manager? Pick one who drives an Odyssey, not a Corvette.

A newborn’s sleep patterns, visualized.

Say hello to your new organ.

Americans are eating an ungodly amount of Jack in the Box tacos.

Watch a cute baby worm embryo split cells in real time.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Ranking that sadly doesn’t surprise me: Dietitians rank Whole 30 dead last.

Study that I just don’t get: Oh, corn oil is totally healthier than EVOO, guys.

Video I’m sending to my peers who complain about every ache, pain, and physical limitation: 67 year-old Ric Flair (yeah, that Ric Flair) deadlifting 400 pounds.

Thing I’m wondering: Can you power wash a lung?

Advice I’m passing along: Be happy with what you have (or else).

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Jan 8 – Jan 14)

Comment of the Week

Mark you always seems to have a quote or two that makes me deeply appreciate your perspective. This time it was this, “My days are full and rich. I don’t really think or worry about it because I know I’m doing all I can to make the most of it.” It struck a chord with me as I have been reflecting on the fact that we all have a choice whether we want to be happy or choose to worry/live in the past or future/you name it. I suppose no matter how one chooses to live their life we will always have regrets and wish we could have done more with the time we had. Makes me realize more and more how important it is to choose wisely with each passing moment. ?

– Means a lot, Suji. Good thoughts.


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Why Exercise Doesn’t Always Lead to Weight Loss

Exercise more and lose weight: So many of us resolve to do both those things in the new year. Every year. But do they actually go hand in hand? And why does it sometimes feel like we actually gain weight when we increase the amount of exercise we get, and lose weight when we moon around the house like a lump? (I know, it’s cold outside, but still…).

That question was recently put to the Well bloggers at the New York Times, who confirmed that studies show that our hunch is correct: We don’t always lose – and sometimes gain – weight when we exercise more. That’s mostly because exercise makes us hungrier and so we eat more – off-setting the calories we’ve burned.

What’s a health-minded person to do? We asked nutrition coach, consultant and yoga teacher Alexandra Caspero MA, RD, CLT, RYT of Delish Knowledge, and the author of the book Fresh Italian Cooking for the New Generation, for her perspective. She works to help clients find their “happy weight.” Here’s what she had to say:

Why do we sometimes gain weight when we start exercising? Shouldn’t it be the opposite? And does that mean we should not exercise if we want to lose weight?

Weight loss is just one of the many benefits to exercise, so I still encourage movement, even if weight gain is a side effect. It’s beneficial for cardiovascular, mental and skeletal health, among other things. And, this isn’t true across the board. The more important thing to focus on is that exercise alone doesn’t equal weight loss; the diet still counts. I break it down to 80/20: Exercise is 20 percent of the equation; diet is 80 percent. Spending 30 minutes on the treadmill likely burns 300-400 calories for the average person, which can easily be negated by an extra serving of pasta. Additionally, exercise may increase appetite and many of my clients think exercising gives them a reason to “eat more,” which isn’t always the case.

Are some forms of exercise better than others when it comes to weight loss or maintenance?

Weight-bearing exercises are going to increase muscle mass, which in turn increases our basal metabolic rate. In layman’s terms, this means that the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn per day, regardless of activity. Over time, this can be beneficial for weight maintenance, especially since we lose some protein/muscle stores when we lose weight. There’s also research that shows that high-intensity interval training provides a higher caloric post-burn than other forms of exercise. But I like to focus on what you will actually do. If you dread going to boot camp, it’s not the best exercise for you, no matter the weight-loss benefits. If you love walking and will actually do it daily, that’s a much better predictor for weight maintenance and, possibly, loss.

What are the most important things for people to be aware of when it comes to weight loss and exerciseand maintaining what you call our “happy weight”?

I like to frame exercise as “mindful movement,” using it as “me-time,” as a mental and physical break from the day. What movement do you enjoy doing most? Just like I prefer to switch the focus from the scale to a feeling (for happy weight), the same is true for exercise. Ignore the calorie burns on machines (they’re likely off anyways) and focus on what makes you feel best.

Are there specific tips you have for overcoming exercise-induced weight gain – especially when it comes to eating?

Notice if you’re new exercise routine is making you feel like you have permission to eat more than you normally do. I see this all the time with clients — using exercise as an excuse to have an extra cookie, ice cream, etc. While I’m not saying you can’t enjoy those things, that’s not the purpose behind an exercise routine. Again, exercise is essential for overall health and longevity; weight loss should just be an added, possible benefit. If you’re noticing that you’re hungrier than usual, use this time to fill your plate with healthy proteins and antioxidant-rich, nutrient-dense foods like lentils, fruits and vegetables.

In other words, you may want to include “eat healthy” on your list of resolutions, too.

Amy Reiter is a writer and editor based in New York. A regular contributor to The Los Angeles Times, she has also written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Glamour, Marie Claire, The Daily Beast and Wine Spectator, among others, as well as for Salon, where she was a longtime editor and senior writer. In addition to contributing to Healthy Eats, she blogs for Food Network’s FN Dish.

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Clean Eating Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

Clean Eating Kung Pao Chicken Recipe

I don’t eat a ton of Asian food simply because it’s often so high in sugar and carbs. But I was really in the mood for some the other night, so I went searching for a recipe I could make at home. I… Read more →

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