Friday, February 23, 2018

What I Ate During Our Travels Home

We’re home! We just landed in Boston a little while ago and we’re now sitting in an insane amount of rush hour traffic on the way home. So, I decided to write a quick blog post from my phone about what I ate during our travels home, which is inspired by the pear, purple carrot & blueberry pouch that I’m eating right now. Quinn didn’t like it, and I didn’t want it to go to waste, so, boom, blog post idea! 🙂

We ate breakfast at the airport this morning. I ordered oatmeal (I asked our server to hold the brown sugar) and added my own protein powder and collagen (brought from home) for some added protein. Mmm!

Breakfast also included 4 shots of decaf espresso over ice with cinnamon. Delish!!

On the plane, I ate a banana and drank some hot tea.

Before leaving the rental house, I packed a couple of rice cakes with peanut butter and hemp seeds. I planned to eat them for breakfast, but ended up saving them for lunch.

Now, I’m finishing off a pouch and thinking about dinner. We don’t have much at home, so it’ll likely be something from the freezer (veggies!).

Glad to be home! Recap of our Arizona vacation coming soon.

How was your week? Were you on February break?

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Paleo Bailey: I Knew This Couldn’t Be How My Life Was Meant To Be Lived

Primal Starter: Is Your Night Routine Encouraging Fat Storage?

Inline_Live-Awesome-645x445-04“Today, instead of experiencing a mellow and graceful transition to sleepiness during the evening hours, our exposure to artificial light after sunset kicks off a chain reaction of adverse hormonal events. Artificial light and digital stimulation after dark suppress the release of melatonin, the hormone that makes us feel sleepy in the evening (a process known as dim light melatonin onset, or DLMO). In tandem, we experience a spike in the primary stress hormone cortisol. Initially, cortisol floods the bloodstream with glucose, giving us a ‘second wind’ to stay awake and finish our emails or Netflix series binge.”

Thus, if you stress yourself in this manner every night, chronically elevated evening cortisol can bind with the appetite receptors in the brain and trigger you to consume high-calorie foods. Late nights also dysregulate ghrelin (spiking appetite) and leptin (promoting fat storage). Indeed, our digestive systems also have a circadian rhythm, and eating late at night can mess things up…making it likely that you’ll eat beyond feeling satisfied and store those calories as fat.”

—From The Keto Reset Diet


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Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck

Every time I see this truck pull in my driveway I sing “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck” by Kip Moore. (Similarly, every time I walk onto an airplane I sing “Drunk On A Plane.” Gotta love country music! PS. I’m going to see Luke Bryan this weeeeeeekkkkend!! Love him!

Do you notice the short sleeves?! We hit 83 degrees on Wednesday and it was GLORIOUS! Gus and I went for a lovely run on the trail and I was actually burning up hot in my jacket!

I ate half of a Bodos bagel with cream cheese, jam, and egg for breakfast with a bunch of blueberries. Felt quite summery!


Lunch was a Hugh Jass salad with turkey, walnuts, red peppers, cheese, and homemade dressing.

Mazey and I ran some errands in the afternoon. First to Sweet Haus for cupcakes for Ellen’s birthday. We stopped by Thomas’s office on the way home to deliver a chocolate cupcake and had to hide on the stairs while he finished a phone call. Mazen scared the pants off of him!

We also had to return some headphones to Best Buy (I am still hunting for the ideal running wireless pair – any suggestions?) and stopped into the pet store on our way out to see the birds.

Late afternoon I relaxed on the porch with a magazine and a warm breeze. Ahhhh.

We made Pinch of Yum’s Queso Crockpot Chili for dinner. The first night we had it traditionally in bowls.

And the following night… as nachos!

Salads on the side.

We’re expecting rain all weekend long. Blah!! But….the sun will come out to-morrow!

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