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What I’m Loving Lately 115

Hey, friends!

How is it already August already?! It seems like the summer months were just beginning – yet somehow we are already counting down the final weeks before Mal heads back to school. I mean, hey, it’s kind of a bummer, but all we can do is make the most of the rest of summer.

So, I’m back with another edition of What I’m Loving Lately with a few fun end-of-summer finds and other goodies to check out. I hope you enjoy it, and please let me know what YOU are loving lately! I feel like so many of my usual commenters have went MIA. I totally get it, but would still love to hear from ya! 🙂

Trader Joe’s Coconut Cold Brew + vanilla-flavored Ripple – You guys know how obsessed I am with my iced coffee. I love mixing up my combos and trying new add-ins or cold brew flavors, and this one has totally hit the spot lately! Trader Joe’s never lets me down and certainly didn’t disappoint with this coconut concentrate. Just add in a few splashes of creamy vanilla Ripple, and it’s the perfect start to my day. Plus, I love the added plant-based protein in my iced coffee! 🙂

Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant – If you watched my IG Live video about my favorite deodorant, I raved about this one, but noted that it was expensive. It does last quite a while, but it’s still expensive at $22. Since then, I tried two other natural deodorants and pretty much hated them because they didn’t work and left white stuff on my clothes and body (eww!), so I’m back to Primally Pure. If you sign up for a subscription, you get free shipping, so I’m getting a new one every 6 weeks. I swear, this stuff is WORTH the extra money!

Broccoli Fritters – I love a good fritter recipe, and this recipe quickly made my “to try” list. These look so easy to make – just throw together for a fun side dish!

Cotton pullover sweater with pointelle stitching – Loving this sweater for late summer! And you can save 30% off with code SHOPNOW!

cotton pullover sweater with pointelle stitching : women just in

12 IUD Side Effects You Should Know About – Very interesting!

Brooks Hyperion – I have loved and used so many Brooks shoes over the years and for good reason. They are such great quality and really keep aches and pains at bay. These Brooks Hyperion are especially great for running workouts at CrossFit. I’ve been wearing them non-stop lately. They’re super comfy and flexible, but sturdy for lifting and other CF movements like box jumps, wall balls and KB swings. However, FYI, they are not great for rope climbs. I learned this the hard way and totally tore the sole. Oops! Stick to running WODs with these babies! 🙂

Justin’s Mini White Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cups – I’ve always been a fan of Justin’s product, so when they sent me a box of goodies last week, I couldn’t wait to dive in. And, truthfully, I don’t normally love white chocolate, but these babies are a new favorite FOR SURE. We keep the bag in the fridge, and they’re the perfect mini treat when I want something sweet after dinner. They’re rich and delicious and hit the spot, which means I don’t need to eat half the bag to feel satisfied!

Beautycounter Dew Skin with SPF 15 –  I love this skin product for the summer and always throw it on before the gym or running errands. It has SPF and a little bit of tint, so it’s super easy for summer skin. I wear a No. 2 for the shade, and it blends perfectly.

Mediation for Fidgety Skeptics – I just learned about this new book from Dan Harris and immediately ordered it. It arrived yesterday, and I’m so pumped to really dive in. NBC news anchor and author of 10% Happier (you might have heard me mention the book a few hundred times now!) wrote a humorous reply to all sorts of reasons why you can’t meditate, which is PERFECT for me. I am so THAT person, and I’m still not sure if I actually will meditate, but everyone says I’d love it since my brain never stops. I’ll be sure to report back!

Crossbody buckle bag in Italian suede – Loving this bag for fall! It would go with everything! It’s also 30% off right now with code SHOPNOW!

womens Crossbody buckle bag in Italian suede

Stainless steel tumblers + straws – Quinn and I are absolutely loving our transition from plastic water bottles, sippy cups, and straws to these stainless steel ones. I wrote a blog post last week about why we decided to make the switch, and I do not miss throwing away tons of straws or worrying about the amount of plastic we are using. These are so easy to wash and reuse, not to mention it feels good to be a bit more eco-friendly – small steps make a difference! Plus, Quinn looks all sorts of grown up with his little steel tumbler on his way to school! 😉

Question of the Day

What are YOU loving lately? Any new fun finds to share?

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Papaya Salad with Miso Turmeric Dressing

This new salad recipe is light and super refreshing on a hot summer day! It’s star ingredient is the papaya, a tropical fruit that’s very high in vitamin C and loaded with the enzyme papain that helps keep your skin, nails and hair beautiful!

When shopping for ingredients for this salad, make sure you choose non-GMO papaya, as this is one of the few fresh fruits that are often GMO. Here’s how to find the non-GMO versions of papaya

What really makes this salad magical is the dressing. It’s so flavorful and full of some of my favorite health enhancing ingredients like turmeric and miso…

I’ve been adding turmeric to my homemade salad dressings for a long time. Not only does it taste delicious, but it’s a remarkable spice. Turmeric is beneficial in promoting overall joint and heart health, while supporting weight loss and helping the body produce more radiant and healthy-looking skin*. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, a potent anti-inflammatory that helps maintain healthy inflammation responses*. 

Besides using turmeric regularly in my cooking at home, I also take my Truvani Organic Turmeric Supplement with black pepper every day. That’s the easiest way to know I’m getting my turmeric in every day. I can travel with it, keep it in my purse, and never forget to take it. Turmeric helps me feel healthy and vibrant – and I plan to continue taking it for the rest of my life. (P.S. If you haven’t picked up your bottle of Truvani Turmeric yet, I’ve got great news for you at the bottom of this post!)

Truvani's Papaya Salad with Miso Turmeric Dressing



  • ½ papaya, cut in half lengthwise, peeled and julienned
  • 2 cups baby arugula
  • 1 avocado, peeled, pitted and sliced
  • 2 tablespoons chopped cilantro
  • 1 sprouted grain tortilla, toasted and cut into thin strips


  • 1 tablespoon miso paste
  • 2 tablespoons rice wine vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon sesame oil
  • ½” fresh turmeric root, grated (or ½ teaspoon ground turmeric)
  • 1 teaspoon raw honey
  • Juice of ½ lemon
  • ¼ cup filtered water


  1. To make the dressing, place all of the ingredients in a bowl and whisk to combine.
  2. To assemble the salad, place the arugula and papaya on the center of your plate. Add the avocado slices.
  3. Pour desired amount of dressing over the papaya.
  4. Top with the cilantro and crispy tortilla strips. Enjoy!


**Please choose all organic ingredients if possible**



Truvani Turmeric Special Offer

When you pick up your first bottle of Truvani Organic Turmeric Supplement, we’ll send you two complimentary eBooks:

  1. Truvani LifeI’ll walk you through my top healthy-living tips. I answer some of your most-asked questions about what to eat (and what to avoid) to stay fit and healthy. 
  2. The Ultimate Guide To Turmeric: A beautiful 35-page guide to help you better understand the remarkable power of Turmeric, the ancient Ayurvedic remedy. I’ll show you how to incorporate it into your daily life with delicious recipes, specific product recommendations, and more.

Remember this… I founded Truvani on the principles that I live by. We source only the best, organic, non-GMO ingredients. Always.

When you buy a product from Truvani, you’re helping support the much bigger vision of changing the food system. I can’t thank you enough for your support of this mission!


* These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to “diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.” As with any dietary supplement, you should discuss with your healthcare professional prior to use.

Posts may contain affiliate, sponsorship and/or partnership links for products Food Babe has approved and researched herself. If you purchase a product through an affiliate, sponsorship or partnership link, your cost will be the same (or at a discount if a special code is offered) and Food Babe will benefit from the purchase. Your support is crucial because it helps fund this blog and helps us continue to spread the word. Thank you.

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Episode 404 – Scott Nelson – Joovv Red Light Therapy


We’re back with Episode 404. Our guest this episode is Scott Nelson, co-founder of Joovv red light therapy.

Show Notes:

1:46 – Summary, Pre-intro
3:34 – Intro to Scott Nelson and Joovv
4:30 – How Scott got started with Joovv
8:27 – Red light therapy vs traditional saunas
12:08 – Hormetic stress
14:10 – Penetration of red light
16:25 – Time of day to use Joovv
21:14 – Where you can find more info

For more research info, search PubMed for photobiomodulation or LLLT


Keto Masterclass

The keto diet is one of the most effective ways to shed fat and improve your health. Keto Masterclass helps you start keto right, step-by-step, so that you can be successful long-term.

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Wired-to-Eat-RenderDon’t forget, Wired to Eat is now available!

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Omega-3 for Health: What the Latest Research Shows

It’s been a long time since I published the Definitive Guide to Fish Oils.

Oh sure, here and there I’ve cited some research supporting the beneficial effects of fish fat, but it almost goes without saying that omega-3s are important. Everyone knows it. Even the most curmudgeonly, conventional wisdom-spouting, statin script-writing, lifestyle modification-ignoring doc will tell you to take fish oil. And research in the last few years has not only continually confirmed the health advantages but illuminated new applications—and new physiological explanations—for their essential function in the body.

But what are those benefits, exactly? Why should we be eating fatty fish or, barring access to high quality edible marine life, taking fish oil supplements?

A major reason is that fish oil can help us reclaim our ancestral omega-3:omega-6 ratio and thus restore the inflammatory backdrop of the human body.

Polyunsaturated fats convert to eicosanoids in the body. Both omega-6 and omega-3-derived eicosanoids are important signaling molecules, but each has different effects, both figuring prominently in the body’s response to inflammation. Omega-6 eicosanoids are generally pro-inflammatory, while omega-3 eicosanoids are anti-inflammatory. Omega-3-derived eicosanoids (the type we get from taking fish oil or eating fatty fish) actually reduce inflammation; in an unbalanced diet heavy in vegetable oils, the omega-6 eicosanoids far outnumber the omega-3s and contribute to a lot more inflammation.

The best available evidence points to ancient humans having an omega-3:omega-6 ratio of around 1 to 1. A typical ratio these days is 1 to 16!

As most diseases and health conditions have an inflammatory component, such lopsided ratios can predispose us to any number of health problems. Conversely, correcting those ratios with smart supplementation of fish oil has the potential to correct or prevent those health problems.

Let’s look at some of them and what the most recent research tells us.

How Omega-3s Benefit Health


Arthritis is an inflammatory disease, whether we’re talking autoimmune arthritis or wear-and-tear arthritis.

The potential mechanisms are there. In vitro studies using isolated joint tissue show that both DHA and EPA increase joint lubrication. Studies in people show that fish oil reduces inflammatory markers and may even stop the progression of inflammation into inflammatory arthritis.

In a recent study out of Thailand, knee arthritis patients who took fish oil improved their walking speed. “Everyone felt good and happy with the fish oil.” In psoriatic arthritis, fish oil reduced inflammatory markers and lowered patients’ reliance on pain meds.

Fish oil also helps reduce the symptoms of autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In one paper, fish oil supplements had additive effects on top of RA drugs. 3-6 grams appears to be an effective dose range. If that sounds high, it is—but you need that much to quell the exaggerated inflammatory responses of RA.


Depression is another one of those conditions that we don’t often think of as an inflammatory disease, but it is. The evidence is considerable. Vets with the most severe depression also have the highest levels of inflammatory markers. Among Type 2 diabetes, depression and inflammation go hand in hand, with the latter appearing to play a causative role in the former.

There’s considerable evidence that the causation goes both ways: depression can increase inflammation, and inflammation can increase depression. Thus, treating one may treat the other. Since omega-3s are potent and broad-reaching anti-inflammatories, could fish oil treat depression?


Fish oil has proven effective  with EPA having a greater effect than DHA. It’s even effective in patients with and without an official diagnosis of major depressive disorder. It’s effective in type 2 diabetics with depression.

Stress Reactivity

The stress response is an inflammatory one. A healthy omega-3:omega-6 ratio—the foundation of our inflammatory response system—should produce a healthy stress response. Does it?

In response to mental stress, fish oil promotes a healthy, less reactive neurovascular response. It lowers resting heart rate, a good indicator of general stress resilience. When taken post-trauma, it even reduces psychophysiological symptoms (like pounding heart) in car accident survivors. And in alcoholics, fish oil reduces both perceived (subjective) stress and basal cortisol (objective).

General Inflammatory and Immune Responses

Name a disease and “elevated inflammation” or “exaggerated immune response” is probably part of the pathology. What effect does fish oil have on some of these inflammatory pathologies?

I could go on and on. And these are just studies done in the last year or two.

Fish Oil and Cardiovascular Disease

Not everything is so cut and dry. When it comes to certain conditions, like cardiovascular disease, the fish oil literature is confusing. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. What are we to make of it?

One thing that is unequivocal is that a high omega-3 index—the proportion of omega-3 fatty acids in the red blood cell membrane—is protective against cardiovascular disease (see the chart; as omega-6 content goes up, so does cardiovascular mortality). So the question isn’t if long chain fatty acids from fish oil are helpful. It’s: Are those fatty acids reaching your red blood cell membranes and being incorporated?

How To Improve Bioavailability

Several factors affect whether fish oil will increase omega-3 index and thus have the effects we’re looking for:

Omega-6 fats and omega-3 fats compete for space in the red blood cell membranes. If omega-6 intake is too high, fewer omega-3s will make it into the membranes, thereby inhibiting or even abolishing the positive effects of fish oil.

If omega-3 index is low, we’ll see effects. If it’s high enough, further fish oil has no additive effect. We see this in studies such as this one, where only older adults with a low omega-3 index experienced cognitive benefits from omega-3 supplementation. In another study of older adults and cognition that didn’t control for omega-3 index, they found no benefit.

Or in this study, where fish oil had benefits in congestive heart failure patients because they had low baseline levels of omega-3.

Or this study, where autistic patients—who tend to have lower omega-3 statuses than the general population—improved some behavioral measures after taking fish oil.

To take advantage of the full effects of fish oil, however, one must also limit the amount of omega-6 fats they eat. In one study, taking fish oil with saturated fat increased incorporation of omega-3s into red blood cell membranes, while taking it with omega-6 prevented omega-3 incorporation. The best way to do it is to eliminate seed oils—the most concentrated source of omega-6 fatty acids in the modern diet. If you don’t limit seed oils and other dense sources of omega-6s, you’ll have to consume extremely high doses of fish oil to make a dent in your inflammatory status.

Making It Easier To Get Your Omega-3s…

Thanks for reading today, folks. I take this information very personally in my life and business. To that end, this week I just released a new formula of Primal Omega-3s that enhances bioavailability and adheres to stricter environmental sustainability standards—all in a smaller capsule. The idea was to optimize benefits and maximize ease. And right now I’m also offering a deal to make this level of quality more affordable….

I’m kicking off the new formula with a BOGO deal. Buy one new Primal Omegas, get the second bottle free now through 8/10/18 at midnight PDT. Just add two Primal Omegas to your cart and use code NEWOMEGAS at checkout. Limit 1 per customer. One-time purchase only.

Thanks again, everybody. Have a great end to the week.

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The Morning Run That Only Kind Of Happened

Good morning!

My day started bright and early with a grumbling stomach – it actually woke me up! I had planned an early-morning run, so I got my butt out of bed and made myself a quick snack (rice cake with cashew butter on top) to get going.

Once I had a little something in my stomach, I got dressed to run and then took Murphy for his morning walk. I was still feeling pretty sluggish, so I thought a walk would help me wake up and feel more energized.

Unfortunately, that energized feeling never arrived and my run was pretty pathetic. Blah. I stopped after 1.75 miles, walked for a bit, and then just called it quits. It was just not happening, and I felt terrible. Zero energy. Oh, well. At least I got some running in, right? I’ll try again this weekend.

Back at home, I threw together a quickie breakfast of cauliflower gnocchi, kale, and Parmesan + iced coffee with vanilla bean collagen and vanilla Ripple milk.  Mmm! The meal was a nice combo of protein, carbs, and fat! 🙂

Please note my breakfast companion…

Question of the Day

Any tips for not getting discouraged after a really crappy run? 

For me, it’s knowing that I can try again – and maybe that next run will be a good one.

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Baby: Getting In Gear

As I wrote in my Nesting 2.0 post, we have so much of what we need for Baby B already. It has simplified preparing for his arrival! We are having a baby sprinkle in September, and I plan to go to Target and get the rest of the consumables that we will need (diapers, wipes, etc.) after that. Until then, we had four main “big” items to purchase: a bassinet, an infant car seat, a new stroller, and a lounger. I’m happy to say we’ve gotten these purchased, home, and unpacked.

We decided on the Halo Luxe Plus in Grey Melange as our co-sleeper. Thanks to my mom and dad for this gift! I love that it’s bed height (the rock-n-play was SO low and I hated getting out of bed to get Mazen out), and that it can swivel in ~10 ways so I can move it over the bed and side to side to get out.

View from my bed! Love the little nightlight. 

I also love that I don’t have to worry about safety but can still have the baby next to me. I think it would be awesome to have the baby sleep between us, but I just know I would never fully fall asleep worrying about safety (even if we cleared all pillows and used a ‘nest’) so I feel best having him in his own bed as close as possible. It’s currently being stored in a nook in the corner of our master until it’s ready to come bedside.

I have to say, it’s quite the beast. It’s REALLY heavy and therefore not really moveable on a daily basis. I imagined it being a lot lighter and easier to move around, but I can see why that might not be the safest for something holding a sleeping baby in the air (with sleep deprived adults fumbling in the dark.) The base is huge and it just barely fits beside my side of the bed. (We could switch sides if we had to, but some of us are attached to our sides…)

I see that they make a newborn insert but it seems quite pricey for use only for a few weeks. Has anyone tried it?

The next big item we purchased was a new everyday stroller! We bought the UppaBaby Cruz.

It came highly recommended by my sister, and I have heard so many great things about the brand. With Mazen I just had a BOB as our main stroller, which was great and I never really felt the need to have a sleeker everyday stroller. I had a snap-n-go with our carseat for those first few months and then bought an umbrella stroller for travel. Our BOB was so well used (pretty much daily for the first 3-4 years) that I knew I wanted a new stroller, but I didn’t want to get another BOB because ours is still fine for running. So this purchase was more want than need, but I love how much more portable the Cruz is for getting in and out of a car, it will serve as our car seat snap-n-go AND we plan to use it for travel. So it solves a lot of needs in one.

I also love: that the seat is reversible, that it’s super easy to fold up and down (esp. compared to a BOB), and that the basket underneath is huge. We did consider the Vista for a hot second, but it was a good bit more expensive and we don’t plan on having two children back to back (well some of us don’t 🙂 ) and so the Cruz was the best fit for us now.

And the matching car seat just snaps right in!

Mazen’s infant car seat had expired, so the UppaBaby Mesa Car Seat was the natural choice to pair with the stroller (and also came recommended by my sister!) I am not super picky about car seats, but I love the look of this one and it seems like a great seat overall. It’s lightweight and easy to get in and out of the base and stroller. Thanks to Thomas’s mom and dad for this gift!

And finally, we are the proud owners of a Dock-A-Tot.  It had me a marble!!

I think this will be great for all of the obvious reasons: versatility, taking upstairs/downstairs, naps, travel, photography 🙂 I mean, E.T. loves it!

I do want to point out that it came in a nice reusable zip-up carrying case with a handle. I bring this up because I almost bought the expensive carrying case for travel but decided to hold off. The one it came with should be perfectly fine for car travel. (Maybe you just need the formal one for airlines and checked baggage?)

We have made some good progress on the nursery too. Third trimester realness is here!

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How To Safely Pack A Hot Or Cold School Lunch

Ever wonder how to safely pack a hot or cold school lunch? This is how I keep my son’s school lunches safe to eat.

If you have kids in school, the morning routine is usually the same. Get up, pack… Read more →

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