Wednesday, October 31, 2018

One Month of HIIT Workouts

Hi, guys! Happy November! 🙂

Let chat workouts, shall we? I won’t lie, I go through plenty of phases where I get into a serious rut. (Kind of like right now, which is why I started to 10,000 Steps a Day Challenge – and there’s still time to sign up!) Sometimes, it’s hard to find daily motivation, which is a big reason why I LOVE taking a CrossFit or similar group exercise class. I show up, someone tells me what to do, I do it, and move on with my day. If I wake up in the morning with no plan, and I need to create my own workout, it’s much less likely to actually happen.

I often hear the same challenges from you guys, so that’s why I am super excited to share one full month of workouts with you – 3 workouts a week for 4 weeks, all laid out for you to tackle! Need some accountability? Join the Carrots N Cake Facebook Community to stay on track and share your success!

Week 1 

Week 2 

Week 3 

Week 4 

Happy sweating! 🙂

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Introducing Baby Birch!

Welcome to the world Birch Younger Donne!

Birch was born on Monday, October 29 at 4:54 am after a swift 4-hour labor that started with my water breaking just before midnight. I knew all along the numbers would align and he just had his 9 and 6 mixed up being head down in there! My mom told me that October 29 was my original due date, so he had a plan all along 🙂

He weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces (beating his brother Mazen by 5 ounces) and was 20.25 inches long. I can’t wait to share the whole story of his birth with you!

I am feeling great (although very tired of course) and we are happy to be home today. Big Brother Mazen is very proud and thinks everything Birch does is hilarious. Lots more to come!

A special thank you to Cramer Photo for these magical photos!!


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